Holding off for my own good!


Date:23 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

I have only starting hardening off my summer crops yesterday, I could have started a lot sooner but I knew if I done that I'd be tempted to plant out too soon!

We are still having quite low overnight temperatures at the moment, to be fair some day time temps aren't that hight at the moment either, so I'm in no rush to plant out anytime soon.

Experience has taught me that getting things in the garden too soon doesn't get me any further ahead. Instead I'm battling to keep plants happy, they have a hard time fighting off pest and diseases and the later planted seedlings usually end up taking over the earlier planted ones anyway. 

I haven't started hardening off my tomatoes or cucumbers yet as they're going to go in the tunnel houses. Once we get over this cold patch nearer the end of the week, I'll move them out of the greenhouse and into the tunnelhouse. The reason I'm waiting is that they can still get frost damage inside the tunnelhouse, so it's not worth the risk.

My pumpkins and some courgette seedlings are getting huge, I've sown those a few weeks too early again, I'm sure I'll get it right one day! But I can move them into bigger pots, so it's really no biggy.

For now I wait, and each year I'm getting more patient which is a win in itself haha. And in the meantime, I get to enjoy hearing about those of you further up the country who are able to plant out sooner, and get excited for you!

Holding off for my own good!