I Spy


Date:25 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

My first tomato is on it's way! I can't recall what variety it is off the top of my head, but it's on one of the two plants I bought and planted earlier than the lot I grew from seed.

I have a really good feeling we're going to get a lot of fruit off our bushes this year, that makes me so excited! We've got raspberries, bonsenberries and one I can't remember the name of which is a cross and is quite sour, so we leave that one for the birds and cover the rest.

We've also got some sad blueberry bushes that have always struggled, so I've moved them. Don't expect to get much, if any fruit off those, which is a shame because the kids love them! Hopefully with lots of feeding and watering they will be productive next year. 

The three apple trees are also looking very promising and are loaded with fruit! Two were already planted when we moved in, and more of a cooking apple, but the other is a delicious eating apple.

I planted our 'Spuds in the Bucket' for next years Southland A&P Show, which is always a fun competition! We done really well at the last show and came away with a few prizes for 2nd and 3rd biggest taties and the heaviest crop.

I didn't have time for much gardening today, other things took up my time. I'll hopefully get the seeds in, in the next couple of days. The good thing about the garden is it will wait for me! 

I Spy