Imposter... Some plantings and neat lawns.


Date:07 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

The weather started out great and slowly got worse throughout the day with showers starting at mid day. 

The lawn at the front was mowed and edges along with the neighbour to the lefts front yard. All edbes done so looking nice and neat.

There is a pink poppy in my pot of white poppies, oh well, it is a nice colour and can stay😊.

Beans and cucumbers are planted into the garden aswell and have a grid of bamboo to climb up. 

The NZ Gardener last month had a packet of flower seeds. I sprinkled them onto a 20 pot seed tray and am planting the seedlings all around the veg garden as extra interest and diversity. 

Imposter... Some plantings and neat lawns.