In the garden before the rain?! Or is it out of the garden before the rain?

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:27 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

...which ever way, yep it has rained.

Prompted by my youngest 'so what jobs can I do today?', we managed to get a wee bit of time pottering before the cold rain came in. Ironically, now the jobs are done, the sun is out.

Zac, who is my youngest, and the one who prompted this expedition helped with getting the potatoes in the polystyrene chillibin. This actually involved pulling out the small asparagus seedlings that had been popped in there after being found in random places. I haven't called them crowns yet, as they are only a few months old, and just a stem/root system atm.  These were put into two smaller chllibins that I got from a local fish n chip shop that was next to hubby's old work. They are not as big as my other one that we put the potatoes in, but was grateful for the donation. We popped four of these small asparagus' in each. They will stay there for now. We then sorted the potatoes. As none of our beds are ready for potatoes, this will get us started until a bed is freed up. This chillibin provided us with an amazing crop of potatoes last year. 

Zac also helped with sorting the worm farm, well until the rain came. Then I was abandoned. Not expecting to find so much liquid in the collection part, the kids went through the recycling bin to find what they could to empty some of the liquid gold out. I won't say this is completely worm tea, but probably a mix of worm tea and water that has washed through the castings, a bit of castings and sediment that was at the bottom (I had to dunk the bottles in as tap was blocked and stirred things up a bit). Regardless, I am happy with what we got. We only managed to empty half of the catchment containers so we will be saving a few more over the coming weeks. I've also told my mum to do the same so she can have a supply. We have also set up the next layer to try and entice the worms up so that I can use the castings. Having a dig around, I was happy to find lots of little baby red wrigglers in one.

Meanwhile, Connor had taken my little blue pots to put holes in the bottom. He also filled them up with my remaining potting mix. The potting up has started. 

In the garden before the rain?! Or is it out of the garden before the rain?