It's Time To Get Things Started

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:21 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Today was a family day with a trip up north, but in preparation for the long weekend, we have had plethora of plants moved out of their sanctuary of their mini greenhouse and into the porch area. The beans and corn have actually been ready for a week or so. Varying squashes and cucurbits are also now  ready for the big wide world. Once those are in, I will move the tomatoes out. The tomatoes were planted up a few weeks ago, and still have a bit more room to grow in their pots (just a bit), so I will wait for another week or so for them.

For us, this is the first stage of the hardening off process. Our next step, if we are not at home, is to move them to sit on the porch area of the playhouse. This provides them with a little bit of shelter from the wind, and also from the sun so that if we have extremities. This best bit of this option is that I can relax while at work and know that they are not going to be scorched by the sun on their first days out, or blown over. If I am at home, I will move them to the table nearby. A few days out from planting out, I will pop them in the actual garden they are going to be in, but without removing them from the pots.

I am imagining our hardening off of plants is going to take a few weeks. Some are ready this weekend, with others slowly being added over the next few weeks – little and often.

At the moment, our night and day temperatures have been so variable. Actually, if I am honest, our day to day temperatures are also variable that I am switching from summer to winter clothes and back again. I guess that is spring for you.

Tomorrow is the kids sailing day, so while they are out on the water (weather permitting), I will be in the garden sorting a few things.

It's Time To Get Things Started