Itching to get my hands in the soil


Date:30 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Not a lot of gardening has been happening due to the weather not playing the game, I'm biting at the nail to get into the garden! 

Most of my summer seedlings have popped up, with some needing transplanted soon. A few cucumbers are yet to show, as well as the watermelon seed - the seeds are quite old so I didn't expect them to. But I won't give up yet!

I think I will sow my beans and corn within the week and then have a count up and see if I need to re sow any more of anything else. 

I'm in two minds whether to grow capsicums and chili's this year, if I do I will buy them as plants as times ticking on. I had such a hard time battling aphids last season on them that it's put me off. But we will see..

Picture features some goodies out of our garden. Although the kids would be happy to have a night off broccoli, we can't eat it fast enough at the moment! 

Itching to get my hands in the soil