Jalapeño Sauce


Date:29 Jan 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables

The first sauce of the season!

This is a new sauce for me. Creamy Jalapeño. The recipe is easy with simple ingredients. This is not a preserving sauce though. 

12 oz Ripe Jalapeño were brought to the boil with 1 sliced onion and simmered untill soft. (About 15 min) This was drained, keeping about a half cup of liquid incase you wish to thin the sauce later. Add the onions and Jalapeño to the food processor and blitz them till saucy. Now slowly pour in a half cup of neutral oil (I used sunflower) creating an emulsion. (mayonnaise) I did not need to thin at all.

Green Jalapeño will give green fresh typical Jalapeño flavours. Ripe will create a brighter hotter sauce. Removing seeds will reduce bitterness and removing the white placenta will reduce heat. 

This sauce will satisfy those teenagers wanting the Jalapeño flavours in burgers😂 and goes further than pickles😂

Jalapeño Sauce