Jungle Jane’s Foodie Friday … Sept 1st… Scones…

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:01 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers, Recipes

As some of you know I am ND and really struggle at times with executive function issues and overload... which becomes as issue when trying to do things like following a recipe or making meals etc ( or deciding WHERE exactly to put things in the garden or what to sow next ( I kinda smile but it is quite an issue in reality as get overloaded with too many choices)( in my post tomorrow you will see the dahlias and statice I sowed last spring are STILL in their tiny pottles as wandered around with them unable to choose where to put them, the three or so I DID put in the ground flourished ... the rest survived but should have been awarded a medal for survival under difficult conditions lol)

soooo.... that brings me to the scones... and having to reinvent the wheel ...experimenting ... breaking things down into smaller, fewer more manageable steps...  

these are SO easy peasey it is ridiculous!

Firstly .... SCONE MIX ... Last week I discovered that there is a thing called SCONE MIX, you will find it by the flour and baking products. That cuts out half the steps needed to make scones already 😉😍 And to my surprise actually makes really lovely light scones. 
you don't even need milk, just add water, mix, cook 👨‍🍳 eat

Now comes the fun bit, the 'go raid your gardens ' experimental part, putting the deliciousness into those scones!


For Sweet Citrus Scones  use fresh orange juice instead of water to mix your scone dough. A little zest is a good plan too. Apart from that follow the instructions on the packet. Edit...raisens are also a nice addition to these...

For Savoury Herb and Cheese Scones  ( pictured ) ... go raid your herbs!
 I added a good amount of pre grated tasty cheese, tumeric and some chopped parsley sprigs ( remove the hard stalks... just the leaves ) from the garden along with a handful of rosemary flowers ( chive flowers would also work well) Toss these through the scone mix Then add your water and follow the instructions on the back of the packet.

Have just sown calendula seeds and have pink and white alyssum just starting to come into flower again so looking forward to experimenting with edible flowers and lemonade and date once those are having plenty of petals to play with. Yum.


💡JungleJane tip # 1 ... use a Knife to mix  your scone dough, cutting through it gently results in lighter fluffier scones

💡JungleJane tip #2 ... ants... may be hiding on the rosemary flowers ... no worries... sprinkle the flowers onto some kitchen paper and they will scurry out ... 

The rosemary flowers to my surprise did add a lovely flavour to the scones... I am interested to try just the flowers on a focaccia  


Tomorrows batch are going to be blue cheese and broccoli ... fingers crossed... shall use a really nice creamy blue cheese, 100g... a cup of grated tasty cheese and broken up broccoli florets... the stalk was finely sliced and added to a curry yesterday YUM, saved the florets for scone making

Jungle Jane’s Foodie Friday … Sept 1st… Scones…