Jungle Jane's Jungle 🤣

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:23 May 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

I havnt been down here really since getting sick last October ... have thus week had couple of you tube and things in my inbox saying ... if you are starying a new garden ... dont go too big all at once ... maybe a meter by a meter to start.   

So, that was my goal this morning.. cleat a bit of the path and a wee section of garden. No more than a meter squared. Sounded managable

First I had to clear a pile of stuff cluttering the entrance and making it hard to manouver easily ( not my stuff, someone elses)  so i didnt trip up ... then as i weeded I put the weeds on TOP of that relocated pile, will be a nice soft bed for the cats as it dries. 

Managed to clear a wee scrap of space ... many caterpillars amongst it all ... several looping hurridly over the newly bared earth. ( must have been in the mint) Popped a scatterong of blood and bone and some desparately needing to be planted onion septs ( only a few left, the rest had rotted out as too long in the punnet)

So, achieved something today! And got my hands in the soil! So hooray!  Thats better than another day feeling totally overwhelmed and stuck! Not perfect  but progress at least...

I had looked at getting someone to help but just couldnt afford it in the end. So shall be laying down cardboard as a blocker as i weed each little block, for the days when i can't walk down there to kerp on top of things. Hopefully it will be good to go come our next spring vegetable growing challemge. 

PROGRESS... shall put progress pic in the comments... just chuckling as it DOES look a little ilke an onion graveyard in the pic 🤣🤔 complete with headstone... but at least they are IN! GOOD! 


Jungle Jane's Jungle 🤣