Just making space


Date:11 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

A beautiful sunny day in wellington pity I had to work.

But nature was also working and my tomatos and a few zucchini/pumpkin are enjoying some outside time as I start to harden them off. Picked the last of my swedes and carrots for a roast vege salad with some sprouting brocolli and herbs. And yes another cabbage 🤔 can one have too much coleslaw, I think this ones destined to be sauted in olive oil with salt pepper and maybe some herbs...just for a change. A new addition to my garden this week is a worm farm which I set up in the dark last night....I hope I can keep them alive in a container 🤣

I found a whole patch of grubs in the garden yesterday...I have no idea what they were but I feel like they were some over wintering pest...so I've mushed the dirt around and opened it up abit so the birds can get all up in there, hopefully they eat that problem, I'll rake it up a few more times so they can really get in there. Happy gardening everyone!

Just making space