Date:02 Jun 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables

Long time no post sorry - I always have great intentions of blogging through autumn and winter but I never get there.

I'm so happy with all my keeper harvests this season, especially because we had such a wet simmer (if you can call it that!)

Potatoes were harvested a while ago, unfortunately I forgot to take a photo but they are defintely going to get us through winter and maybe beyond. 

We're also going to not run out of pumpkins anytime soon! Although a few of them were starting to go mouldy since this photo was taken, so they've got cut up and vacuum packed for the freezer to make soups with. I harvested in quite a wet patch in the weather which I don't think has helped. But in saying that, I feel I wouldn't of been any better leaving them in either. 

And last but not least my yams. Yams are my absolute favourite, love them roasted or added to soups. I am so glad after having a bad run with them I bought some at the spur of the moment while I was getting other things. These are my best harvest yet - they're huge! 

Happy days!