Kids gardens: Miss 4


Date:30 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Once Mr 6 had a designated garden spot, of course Miss 4 was keen to have one too. At first I was going to pick a spot in the existing vege gardens, until on the weekend, I discovered a pallet with no purpose by the shed. 

Miss 4 was stoked when I asked if she would want it for her garden, and she got to choose where we put it. Then the kids and I filled it with layers of dirt, compost and chicken dirt until it was full. It surprised me that all 3 kids kept helping the whole time, none of them lost interest. Digging and shifting dirt- entertainment for every age!

I had enough seedlings ready to plant to half fill the spaces, mostly flowers. The Cosmos are shooting up, I've already had to lift the netting higher to give them more room!

Today she helped me plant out a couple of courgettes, one green and one yellow- not in her garden, just the regular vege garden

Kids gardens: Miss 4