Kratky Lettuce day 20


Date:22 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

The kratky hydroponic lettuce has certainly outgrown all my other methods. The photo is day 1 seedlings planted vs Day 20 today. We have had 2 salads of them. I made another 6 pot smaller tub that I will start Tom Thumb seeds in perlite,

Tomoorow I will make Ola pots for my in soil lettuce bed. Due to them costing so much, and have to order from Aus so the risk of breakage is high, I plan to make them. I made a test one today, now just to make a water supply to them. I plan 9 pots in my 1.2x 1.5 shaded bed. Let's see hoe that goes.

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend! 

Kratky Lettuce day 20