Last Minute

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:28 Jan 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables

I've made a few last minute decsions in the garden this year and so far they seem to have been the right decisions.

First up we put in a few of the popcorn I grew from seeds I won last year and decided not to grow sweet corn - we didn't have a lot of room and wanted to devote what we did have to crops that would freeze well. However we ended up with a bit of space and I decided to buy 2 punnets of sweet corn and take pot luck. They were in a bit late according to the rules but we have got some great looking plants that are looking like they will produce well. 

Secondly with another space becoming available I bought a punnet of celery and popped them in - we've been eating celery in our salads for a month now and they're showing no signs of slowing down.

Thirdly the kumara drama where we couldn't get slips so I gave up and planted something else in the carefully tilled and composted heaps I had prepared for them. I then stumbled across some slips at a local garden centre, transplanted the other vegies and got the kumara slips in - albeit a little later then they should have been.

Lastly I wasn't going to put capsicum in this year because we still have a drawerful in our vegie freezer from last year. However another space called out for something so in went six capsicum plants. They are going crazy - I'm going to have to devote another freezer drawer this year I think!!

All last minute decisions which I'm happy I made.

Last Minute