Late summer fun.


Date:15 Feb 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables

It has been dry and windy in porirua but not overly hot. Hail late January was abit of a setback the damage was much more noticeable than the December hail where the plants were smaller. I haven't had much time for gardening with my very imaginative toddler who is very into art and making 'pirate stew', he always wants me to join in.

 A pumpkin has been trying to reach his sandpit and has finally got there, we watched it every day for a week growing a few inches a day. Truly amazing growth, might be better if it put its energy into making a pumpkin but it was very entertaining to watch.

Lots of blackberries, a few blueberries and a bucket of omega plums harvested. The poor plum tree has had a hard year with the hail and breaking a main branch in the wind, it will get a hard prune at some stage. And a newbie a satsuma plum which I was gifted for my birthday is in the ground in the only good spot I could find, I hope it likes its new spot.

Late summer fun.