Lettuce talk salad greens.


Date:15 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

With the grow cupboard, creating seedlings all winter is easy, and lettuce is great to have in winter. 

I currently have a bed of cos 'Mint Crisp' and Butter crunch in the garden as they are both cool season lovers, but do grow all year.

As to spring sowing I have more of these both, along with red and green 'Salad Bowl', 'Tango' , 'Drunken Woman and 'little gem' for the summer Burgers, BBQ and Sandwiches.

Mesulan 'French Salad Mix' for green salads, Rocket for Pizza and Pasta sides and Baby spinach to add wherever we can.

Just as I thought we were sorted, Yates sent me my lucky draw seeds pack and it is 'Tom Thumb', one I have not grown before so excited for something new! Maybe I will need another white pot and hijack some space😂

Lettuce talk salad greens.