Date:26 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

6000 years ago humans were gathering lettuce seeds make oil. Moving on to an aphrodisiac for the Egyptians. The Greeks and Romans believed that serving lettuce at the end of the meal aided sleep. There are some that still use lettuce as a sleep aid which does have some benefit as there is a chemical in lettuce that resembles opium, but is a very mild form and the benefits are minimal at best. 

For me it is about where to grow. One bed I will make some olla pots with a gravity fed water supply to keep moist and some under the peppers as a living mulch.

The biggest change will be my kratky hydroponic system that I will grow Tom Thumb, my prize from Yates ( Thanks again) and little gem. Maybe mint crisp too. This will be from learnings growing a pepper in a can this way over winter. I will do a blog on the system when I build it. If we get the hot summer they are predicting, I will be able to move this into warmer and cooler areas of the garden and as it grows in water, should ensure they don't get bitter😊