Magic beans a story


Date:28 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

My toddler likes stories and for the last few weeks his fav has been Jack and the beanstalk. He found some bean seeds on my dressing table (yes sometimes random seeds live there) and shouted with glee that he had the magic beans and must grow them to find gold. I usually struggle to get him to engage with so this was my moment, he gently helped pot them up complete with magic bean label. He watered them every second day on the windowsill and when they were big enough helped plant them in a corner of the garden.

These seeds were given to me by a friend but I have no idea what sort of bean so magic beans they are indeed, they were even given a small bear as company. 

I'm hoping this is the start of a gardening journey for my young man Benjamin. I might even hide some gold by them when they get bigger to keep the magic alive.

I'm hoping to post more this week as the gardens really taking off. I missed the weekends delightful weather due to a rather violent tummy bug (I'm not even sure where Sunday went). But in my absence I know I've lost some plants but others have doubled in size and more flowers have appeared. And even if I can't be gardening I know ive set it up so it can get along fine without me for abit.

Magic beans a story