Making memories and autumn seeds for winter feeds ... 😁

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:29 Feb 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

I've always wanted to do this ... sow ANZAC poppies on ANZAC day...

Had to travel to kerikeri today for an emergency gp visit. Before i came all the way back went to mitre 10 and got a few things on my wish list we cant get up here.

Sò delighted to see Yates seeds there AND that they had Flanders Poppies in stock !( they were on my list! Hooray!) 

Also got packets of the fancy Romanesco Broccoli as had been wanting to try that, pak choi and white alyssum ... truthfully the only insects i have seen on the white alyssum currently growing have been those really cool metallic gold flies ( not a beneficial insect in sight lol)  but it looks pretty when it does its perfect circle thing! 

I think I have beetroot seed already but picked up a punnet of seedlings which i will pop in by the studio steps as they will be ready to eat earlier. 

Oh, and a small bag of cacti and succulent mix as have a good strike of dragonfruit seedlings needing to be potted on soon ( preferably before any spines develop). They feel so odd when you run your hand across the top of them. Sturdy little things! 

Was delighted that the store had free pots in the drop off bin, so got a good dozen or so of those which i will lable up tomorrow ready for the dragonfruits to go into. I don't need several hundred seedlings all for myself 🤣 so shall advertise them on our local notice board ... going to pot them up in clumps of several plants per pottle. The people they go to can then decide what they want to do for the next stage of growth.

Making memories and autumn seeds for winter feeds ... 😁