Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:06 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Stacey has asked about markers for her vegetables in the garden. I've used short bamboo stakes with marker pen - they tend to fade over time.

I've done the same thing with kindling stakes - once again the marker pen tends to fade with sun and water.

I've pretty much given up on marking vegetables - I just hope with my master garden plan in a notebook that I will remember what's what.

The one thing I do like to remember is where the hostas and begonias are buried in my flower garden so I don't plant something on top. Both of these disappear over winter. 

Quite a few years ago SH made these aluminium stakes for me and got a colleague to cut an H and a B into the top. I insert these into the garden as the plants die down and I know where they will reappear next season. They are brilliant and totally weather resistant and recyclable. Much like SH.