Money does not buy happiness!


Date:14 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

But it does buy a tomato plant and ripe tomatoes do make happy me even happier!

With the unforseen delay in my tomato plans, I bought a plant too at least have some hope of a tomato or 2 for Christmas. With buying a plant I thought, why not learn a bit from it, so I bought a plant that is grafted. Grafting tomatoes is something I had thought of trying out before. This will not have a comparison, but if it does show some advantage then I will try it.

I was going to take a Gross Lisse as the I can save seed stock for rootstock if I do decide to graft my own... Then I realised, why graft the same plant on the same root stock, maybe there is something I have misunderstood. So I got Bloody Butcher instead. This is one that I have wanted to try but never made the final cut to grow it. 

While at the Plant Barn, I saw Orange Kumara slips, so seeing mine are a bit behind they came home too! 

Money does not buy happiness!