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Date:11 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

First thing this morning I got my bean structure built and some climbing beans planted with my handy assistant Miss 6. I wanted to change from what I had used the past few years (netting that was far apart), as they didn't wrap themselves around it all that well. Since I'm not using bamboo to grow my tomatoes up this year (apart from a few in the garden), I'm using those in a tepee shape with the hopes they'll wrap themselves around the pole with a bit of help to start with.

Next job on our list was to take the covers off the pumpkin, zucchini etc as night time temps are much better and no frost in sight. We decided to leave the frames in just incase we have to whip it back on.

The closest hose we have to the paddock garden only reaches to the gate, so I have been having to water those three garden strips with a watering can, which isn't ideal as they are each 20m long! So we bought another hose today that can stay out stretched out in the paddock, and we then only have to connect the other hose to water it.

 I was hoping to then put a sprinkler on to water those areas, but as we found out we don't have the water pressure to do that very well, possibly because its a long way for the water to travel??? So I will be hand watering that, which appeals to me much more than using the watering can! We have irrigation set up for the rest of the garden so that's no biggy and I actually find it quite relaxing too.

To try and keep the moisture in and weeds down we lay some peastraw around the pumpkins and zuchinnis. The first lot of potatoes that went in got some too as they have had they're last mounding. Unfortunely we didn't have enough to do the entire row, so we'll just put a thin layer of grass clippings on the next time we mow the lawns. 

More are out into the big wide world