More squirreling...

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:22 Mar 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

SH calls my preserving and freezing of our produce "squirreling". It was a word my late Dad used as well and I love it.

"Squirreling" - the putting away of foodstuffs for use in the winter or when the foodstuff is not in season. Taken from the habit of a squirrel to store nuts for winter.

How cool is that? And we have been doing a lot of squirreling over the past month. Along with vegetables we have had fruit to put away. We have made lemon slice, lemon cake and rhubarb and apple shortcake to freeze for the SH's lunches through the year.

We also bottled fruit salad last weekend. The pears were our own but we did use Golden Queen peaches that a friend bought at an orchard in Hawkes Bay for us. 

There'll be more "squirreling" to come as we look forward to our cauliflower, kumara and capsicum harvests still to come.

More squirreling...