My babies are growing up


Date:04 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Yesterday I got my beans and corn seeds in and also done a tally up of what seedlings I have. Like normal I've overdone the tomatoes by about double, so there will be plenty to share around! I think I have enough cucumbers, but I hadn't done any gherkins so popped some seed in of those, as well as another few courgette and kamo kamo seeds (which I know I'll regret later) and pumpkins. And that equals the bulk of the summer seed sown.

Some seedlings were screaming at me to be moved up pot sizes so that was today's task, as well as some general weeding and watering the tunnel houses.

I went to wash my windows today and had forgotten I broke my hose attachment, so back off the the garden centre I went. No complaining here mind you! While I was there I decided to try capsicums and chilli's again so grabbed four capsicum seedlings and two chilli plants. And I will take the advice of you wonderful people and put more pest deterring plants around them come planting to try keep the pesky aphids away.


My babies are growing up