My cup is full


Date:25 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Flowers

After a frost this morning it's turned out to be a beautiful day. After lunch, my children thought it was hot enough to get out the water slide (my phone said it was 14°C lol). I tried explaining it wasn't quite hot enough for that yet, but they pleaded their case - a good one at that, so who was I to stand in their way of fun!

So we pulled it out, and while they were living their best life's I took the chance to have a wander around the garden.

I'm loving all the colours in the garden at the moment and often I forget to slow down and enjoy, as there's always something that needs done.

And enjoy I did. I ignored all the things that need attention and instead focused on what I have accomplished. You can't get much better than the sound of bees buzzing and children laughing while strolling around the garden on a stunning spring day! 

My cup is full