New Indoor Plants


Date:07 Nov 2023

I wanted to start of by saying a big thank you to you all for the warm welcome. I have had a lot of fun reading all of the posts this past week, and getting to see what has been going on in everyones gardens. I have definitely learnt a lot from everyones posts and comments. 

This picture is from my parents house. They have been renovating for a few months and I was able to go see all of the changes they have made last weekend. I actually went to surprise my mum for her birthday, which shockingly stayed a surprise! (I guess mums don't always know everything!) All of their lovely indoor plants are actually the result of me working at Yates. It seems they have been heavily influenced! They now have almost 30 indoor plants throughout the house. 

The lucky random winner of the weekly free packet of seeds is Nik South! The seeds will be on their way to you very soon :)

I look forward to seeing everyones posts this week!

Thanks, Kayla :D

New Indoor Plants