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Date:07 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

With Spring really starting to get into swing, and night time temps in the green house are staying in double digits (13 was the lowest in the last 7 days) I thought that the weekend was perfect sowing time as it was so close to the right moon phase. Now I don't really think the moon is the reason for the great growth, I do belive it keeps you focused on regular set tasks and to concentrate on only those tasks. 

Zuchinni Partenon (the label says sunbeam but is recycled label from last year) cucumber Iznik Mini are both up. These are partheocarpic F1 plants as bees are not as abundant as I would like.

Can never have too much Basil, this year is Bush mini and emerald towers, both prove very good growers last year.

Lettuce salad bowl, red and green or favourites, we also have tango, French mesculin mix, mint crisp, buttercrunch and drunken woman. DW, is great for burgers 😂. 

Golden Bantam corn will be traillec this year, as we don't like the super sweet varieties. This is also a great seed saving variety. 

Hopefully everybody is having good success with seedlings and spring prep! 

New members have joined the party!