New Peppers KS??


Date:04 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

This winter I did some searching of a unique pepper and I found it, well I found a few of them. 

Khang Starr peppers are from a pepper grower that creates and stablizes new peppers. He doe hot, but not super hot peppers, creating unique fruits that are full of flavour. His rule was to pass his peppers on as gifts, to share and not profit off. This means they were slow to spread and rare. 

Now, I follow the rules, and no importing for me. I looked at doing it the legal way, is way too much work, expense and I don't want to risk getting it wrong as there are some nasty bugs that we are fortunate to not have here. . 

Khang Starr Lemon Starrburst, KS White Thai are currently growing and wil fruit this year. So I will have seeds to share, new chillies to review and something unique to share the adventure here!

As to what they taste like... Well I have to wait and find out, there is no way to cheat the system and get them😂

New Peppers KS??