No Watermelons For Us


Date:12 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

The watermelon seeds I sown waaaay back in September got their cotyledon leaves and that's where their growing stopped lol. Since the seed was quite old I thought I'd have problems with germination, so I'm not sure whats gone wrong there, but two months later I have finally admitted defeat on those! I might see if any shops still have any and buy a seedling or two, otherwise I'll try again next year.

I got corn, lettuce and some more silverbeet planted out in the garden, as well as the gherkins and two rock melon seedlings planted in the tunnelhouse. 

It's a tad windy today so the beans we planted yesterday are getting blown around, but they're still looking good. I've hardened them off really well, including getting them used to the wind.

I pinched out the laterals on the tomatoes which I'm doing every couple of days, and a general weed, deadheading and tidy up was done as I wandered around the garden. I stopped and watched a bee for a few minutes pop in and out of flowers which was a nice way to end my time doing gardening jobs. 


No Watermelons For Us