Not Vintage Wine.. final summary.


Date:17 Jan 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

This tomato was bought as Vintage wine. A red and yellow bi-colour with apple like stripy pattern. My favourite look on a tomato.

This is a brick red meaty tomato. The tomato lacks sweetness so need to be paired with a fresher flavoured tomato, or a sweeter variety. Chefs choice is a great tomato as a pairing for slices on toast. The photo is vintage wine, chefs choice and costaluto fiorentino on toast, a little chilli salt and is a great mix.

This is great for relish or fried slices on toast or a burger. 

The plant is easy, fairly disease resistant and a productive indeterminate variety that I suspect is an accidental hybrid. If I knew what it was I would even recommend it

This tomato which I cannot fault, and has not disappointed will be replaced by Cherokee purple next year though. 

Not Vintage Wine.. final summary.