Now the nerves set in


Date:02 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Since some seedlings were trying to flower I thought I'd better get them planted. So in has gone zuchinni's, kamo kamo and pumpkins, I've also planted some sunflowers in between the pumpkins that were big enough to go in.

Now I cross all my fingers and toes. 

I do have a few spare kamo kamo and zuchinni seedlings for worse case senerios, but like every gardener preys, hopefully I won't need to use them. Like I said in yesterday's blog, I have got more plastic and frames I can use to try keep some warmth in if I feel like they'll need that extra protection. 

This means this garden space is now officially fully planted!!! Brassicas are under the cover, with yams at one end, middle row has potatoes, as well as a couple of zuchinni plants and two giant pumpkin seedlings at the end. And the last row is what I planted today. Having all those large crops out in the paddock will free up a lot of space for other goodies in my main gardens. 

Please excuse the long grass in between the rows 🙈, it's this weekends job to mow them.

There will be tears if it doesn't work out! 


Now the nerves set in