O for awesome onions.

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:21 Jan 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables

We've had a great crop of onions this year. When I planted them I was a bit short of space so squeezed my home grown seedlings into a space that I felt certain was probably a bit small. They were planted quite close together and I imagined I would be harvesting quite a few small pickling onions. 

I was wrong! We have had the best crop of onions we have ever grown. 25 kilo of beautiful, healthy and mostly large onions. I just think it was a good year for them. SH kept up the copper spray to ward off any rust and I did use lots of Thrive and seaweed feed.

These will keep us going for quite a few months. It was very satisfying today to hang them in the shed in their bags along with the garlic and in the next shed our potatoes and know that instead of paying money at the supermarket we will shop in our shed for these staples at no cost for most of 2024.

Interestingly on the day we harvested this years onions I made tomato relish with tomatoes frozen from last years crop and the last four onions from our harvest of 2023. 

O for awesome onions.