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Date:18 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Today was a lovely day just potting around home. The supermarket potatoes I planted are up so they've had their first mound. Hubby and Master 8 mowed the lawns, so I asked them to put a thin layer of clippings over the spuds that haven't had peastraw (I've ran out) as a mulch.

Some strawberry plants needed a bit more peastraw around them to keep the fruit off the soil. I had to steal some from another garden patch which is no big deal as I had put a thick layer on the garden beds.

I planted some more brassica which I forgot to label so they will all be suprises! These lot aren't covered with mesh cloth, so will be interesting how they fare when the white butterfly makes their grand entrance. I can't cover them as I didn't think properly before planting them 🙄 and they're in the middle of the big garden. The hoops I have are quite tall, so I don't think the irrigation will work as well. 

I weeded around my fruit trees. Unfortunately most of the stonefruit have leaf curl,  I was too late spraying and they had already burst bud by the time I thought to do it. But they still have some fruit forming so I am crossing all my fingers and toes they don't drop them!

Lastly I sorted out my cupboard that has all my ferts, seeds etc, it was an absolute mess, so it's nice to see clearly what I have now!

A job I had been avoiding was to move my flower seeds over to the container in the picture, only because I didn't know how to organise it!  I decided then and there it would be easier for me to categorise them into when they needed sown according to the packets (roughly), which should work well. 

I hope everybody is having a wonderful weekend so far!

Odds and Sods Jobs