Officially the best carrot I have ever grown!

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:30 Apr 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

I have blogged before about my lack of success with carrots. Soil too rich, soil too compacted, soil not rich enough, soil too wet, soil too dry... the list goes on.

I was never going to try again because we have the carrot capital of the world just up the road... and then I won some seeds from Yates - on a tape no less. So back into the carrot challenge it was.

This time, however, SH has just purchased a new tiller attachment for one of his fave powertools and has been hoeing the soil in our garden with some vigour. That was what our carrots needed - soil that is not compacted, a loose and fine tilth that encourages those roots to go down instead of globulating and stumpifying (yes I am making some words up).

Today I pulled this glorious little straight non-globulated, un-stumpified specimen from our garden and we rejoiced!

Gardening is such fun!!

Officially the best carrot I have ever grown!