Oh for Onions.

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:09 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

It has been a spectacular sunshiny spring day in Whanganui. The sort of day we really needed to get us out of the house and into the garden with our sun hats and tee-shirts on and just connecting with the soil.

Which is just what we did. I re-sowed part of a row of carrots that the cats had dug up last month and then covered the row with one of the cloches we found at M 10 Mega - no more cats in there!

SH strung our coloured lights along the back fence (for the grandies you understand) after we took them down for painting the fence.

I had 13 punnets of home sown Pukekohe Long Keeper Onions that were ready for planting out and they went into the vegie garden - also under the cloches to keep the cat and birds out. We have one bag of last years onions left hanging in the shed ... they are so worth growing - we haven't bought onions for several years now.  The picture is of me planting out the onion seedlings. SH made me the planks to kneel on - they are hinged in the middle and fold up for ease of storage and fit perfectly across our vegie patches.

I also sowed two large trays of dwarf peas, one for my daughter-in-law and one for us.  Our peas very rarely see the pot because the grandies munch them straight from the garden, but that is part of the joy. 

It's been a lovely gardening day.

Oh for Onions.