Olla Upgrades...


Date:23 Mar 2024

Blog Type:Vegetables

As the gardens empty from the summer produce I am adding Olla pots to them. As the soil is disturbed I am  covering them back up lasagne style with leaves, compost pea straw after an autumn cover crop. This should give me a great start for spring. 

Winter veg will take a back step this year, but the water saving benefits and constant water supply will be worth it. 

There are smaller pots, the ones I made to experiment last year will be used as 1 per tomato plant and 4 big ones per bed. Double ones for deeper rooted plants and the single ones for lettuce and onions which have shallow roots. 

1 bed wil be left as drip irrigation and that will be the potato bed so it can be lifted for harvest. 


Olla Upgrades...