On the lookout...


Date:17 Oct 2023

Hey y'all, this will be my first blog post, I've had a browse through some of your posts and wow, you guys have amazing gardens! Something for me to aspire to haha.

I thought I'd share about my raspberry, probably the single most productive plant in my backyard! I was stoked to see flowers appearing, looking forward to harvesting berries in the near future.

Whenever I'm in the greenhouse, I water the seedling shelves, then check the raspberries for curled up leaves, pick any off and squash the caterpillars that lurk within (yuk). They were easy to spot when the canes were just waking up, not so easy now that the canopy of leaves is developing! Hopefully the 'little and often' approach will keep on top of things and I won't reach plague proportions.

On the lookout...