Peas for Breakfast Anyone?

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:21 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

This week we have certainly been blessed with beautiful blue sky. Ironically though, even though we are known as the ‘sunny north’, it is a rarity to get days where we have not a single cloud in the sky. It’s even more rare for us to have it day after day like we are at the moment. Next week is a bit of a mixed bag with rain expected, so we will definitely take those blue skies while we can.

With the lawn and gardens starting to dry out already, and in order to avoid plants bolting, watering has already begun in the mornings. It is so stunning in the morning at the moment, that it is actually a pleasure to do.  This task is being juggled in the mornings with the weeding and sorting out different gardens. Yesterday the side gardens were weeded, and all the vegetable gardens were watered. This morning it was two of the back gardens that got weeded, and a spray of the weeds in the BBQ area (cobble stones). This is one of the few areas we do actually spray, preferring to hand weed as much as possible due to the animals and potential spray drift. 

As I garden, I also tend to pick what I find ready for dinner. Some people meal plan as they grocery shop based on specials or what is in their cupboards. I meal plan whilst in the garden and base it around what is ready, and if I really think about it – I shop in accordance to what I know will be ready in the garden as well.  Yesterday we harvested a cabbage and some of the cauli that was past it’s best, along with some carrots. These were turned into a mince chowmein for last night’s dinner. Today a Romanesco Cauli, and some more broccoli were picked for dinner, and peas were picked with the intention of going in the kids lunch boxes. I stupidly left them on the breakfast bar while I washed some spring onions. I turned around just in time to see them going into a certain 13 year old’s grin and pop them in his mouth. Some kids refuse to eat peas. Mine eat them for breakfast apparently. 


Peas for Breakfast Anyone?