Pepper in a can collection so far.


Date:07 May 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

As I have blogged before, I am growing a few varieties of peppers in drink cans. 4 can are part of a 2 challanges. Will see how I do, but mostly I think there is a lot of learning in the experiment. 

Biquinho and Costa Rica Orange are 1 challange and are doing really well in the given cans. They are being fedd via a hydroponic mix. 

Cayenne is a for me experiment and doing well. This one will be about pepper pruning advantages. 

The purple UFO is a challange in 2 different cans, same feed as the others, but 1 can is soil and the second a hydroponic set up. The hydroponic solution is the test for these 2 cans. 

Black earl seeds are on order, and will be in a 2 different size cans. I want to see if depth of the can has any advantage. This is chosen for plant size and it's beautiful flowers. It will complement the trio of berry sized peppers. 

Pepper in a can collection so far.