Pepper in a Can update.


Date:02 Apr 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

As I have mentioned before, I am in 2pepper in a can challanges. 

The first is std drink cans, these are Biquinho iracema and Costa Rican orange, both are Berry sized fruit on smallish plants. These were stared earlier, and are doing well. They are being fedd with a hydroponics nutrient formulation chalked Chilli Focus. 

The 2 small plants are Purple UFO and are new to me. Started on St Patrick's day. 1 is in soil and the second is growing yo the Kratky Hydroponics system. Also new to me, so a lot of fun and learning. 

With the cooler weather. They have artificial heat and light in my grow cupboard. As both challange are Northern hemisphere based I have to play it clever as Chillis are not great lovers of the winter chills. 


Pepper in a Can update.