Pepper Traffic Light.


Date:09 Jan 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Summer is well... well, so far a non event other than the week's leading up to Christmas. Hope the gardens are all surviving the weather. 

The garden has shown the start of powdery mildew. Though a bit early because of this horrible weather, it is something that will end the curcubits and tomatoes.a good spray of Yates nature's way fungus spray today, and then another in 3 days time or the next dry day will keep it at bay for a while. 

The peppers got a foliar spray of liquid potash, I think I had it a bit strong as it burnt a few of the younger leaves. A little of the Thrive fish and seaweed I got as an encouragement award (Thanks Yates) with quickly sort that out. Speaking of peppers, we are getting a lot of the small lunch box peppers and Jalapeno now. The lunch box seedlings will be replaced with dwarf snack red, yellow and orange peppers as I can grow these from seed. 

This brings me to a  bit of myth busting with peppers.I have had people ask about a heat traffic light so as to tell how hot a dish is, well if you look at the photo, the green is the hottest option, the orange and red are sweet lunch box, with the orange being the sweetest. The amount of peppers is also not reliable, as does the scale go to 5, or 10? My advice is to get a little sour cream, or cream cheese and try a few drops on that, or a small slice.

A second myth is the smaller the hotter the pepper. Just be careful, the ghost and large habanero are the size of sweet  snack type peppers, and the little Biquinho arr really mild.

Hope the weather is gentle with your gardens!

Pepper Traffic Light.