Planning Time!


Date:24 Feb 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Plan, plan, plan. With the bad weather this weekend, it is a perfect time to get the seeds on order for next year, finalise what will go where. 

There are s few changes to the tomato line up as mentioned in a previous blog. Honey and pearl will be replaced by Golden Bantam corn, a heritage variety that will be great for seed saving.

A few extra chillies will be added, and a winter challange will create a new blog to follow.

As for Autumn and winter veg, these will be more about soil regeneration after the rain. Broad beans will feature for the first time. Silverbeet, leeks and carrots will be kept going. Onions will be started on Autumnal equinox and over wintered.

On the study side of the garden I will be looking into this planting by the moon. I have a few thoughts on the subject, but will blog about it in the near future. Let me know your tips about the moon planting plans you follow if you do.

Hope everyone stays dry this weekend.


Planning Time!