Plans working, suprise benefits and prep on the way.


Date:29 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Well I did a bit of forest floor prep for my garden over winter hoping to improve the fungal life of the garden. I believe I have great microbial life and earthworms. I think my mineral balance is good too. All this by observation and prep rather than chemicals and testing. Well I have always had little dark bunches of tiny mushrooms every so often, but this year I have lots of these large oak coloured mushrooms. Don't know what th ry are. Not looking at eating them either. They are just the flowers of a great fungal success.

My compost bin is now an accidental potato pot, don't know what kind, but any new potato is good, 😂 the other random benefit is all the oragano that is spread and popped up in odd places.

My Kumara is finally growing shoots. I lost all my saved shoots, but Orange Kumara is on its way. 

How the weather is kind to everybody, the weather man says we are in for a wild ride. Maybe an inside day prepping my hydroponic plan for lettuce. 

Plans working, suprise benefits and prep on the way.