Planting, Pretties and Whoopsies


Date:06 Dec 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

After visiting a friend and doing some jobs in town this morning, I came home and quickly got in the garden to do some jobs before the rain came in.

I didn't have quite enough seed to finish the patchy parsnip row the other day, so got bought some more this morning and got those gaps filled. I managed to sneak another row in as well which used up all the seed, I remember Sarah saying with parsnips, fresh seed is best for good germanation. I've sown these with a very heavy hand, as I always struggle with parsnips. 

By this stage it was drizzling (which I was chuffed about), so I direct sowed a row of spring onions and starting planting out some others that were ready, but the rain became very 'wet rain' by that stage so I aborted mission. 

I am still loving my flower garden at the moment, so much colour and variety and it's filling in so nicely. I have some Dahlias out (in my pic), and it's been so nice having the peonies flower at different stages this year because some are still flowering!

I have had a wee whoopsie - when I was planting out the other day, I noticed an unnamed stake in the middle of the garden and thought how odd that was, maybe the kids had put it there, so I carried on planting out some lettuces. Of course that stake was meant to be there to tell me I had planted some radishes, if I had looked more carefully I would of seen the other one, and realised I'd done half a row! 

Planting, Pretties and Whoopsies