Ponky Pepper.... and space arrangements.


Date:10 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

Well, we have a fairly large vege garden in a fairly small suburban garden. There are some rules ghat I need to follow, and 1 is, my vegetables grow in the veg garden, and I have enough.

There is the entrainment side of the house, and tjis is where we plant flowers. The front lawn on the road side has Ross and grasses. But there is a little area on the side, where the laundry exit is. I cleaned this up and as my wife like the structure of the formal garden, white pots of herbs made a perfectly acceptable extra area.. With the comment 'Well played' 😊. So ponky Pepper, a unique cascading growth pepper with fruit smaller but similar in favour ti Jalapeño, is in white pots to be part of the her garden.

I also went ping pong ball shopping, all on Sarah's advice, to put on top of the bamboo stakes. Health and safety rules as we have a cat the jumps from the fence ti o the roof, hunts skinks and tries for birds in the garden.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Ponky Pepper.... and space arrangements.