Ponky Pepper TM Spicey Jane.


Date:20 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

 Welcome to the newest variety avaible and making its mark in the NZ market. Trade Mark in 2019.

This pepper developed for small spaces. It grows up to 30cm but will cascade down in hanging baskets. Drought tolerant so can handle a good watering in the evening or early morning and then drying out for the day. 

The plant is available from nurseries at about $20 per potted plant, which is not a very economical option, but that seems to be the way these fashionable peppers to get introduced. Seed is available online from an NZ supplier online. 

The fruit is 20 to 30 000 SHU when fully ripe (Fire Engine Red in colour) but picked earlier they are quite tame and the point is very sweet, with almost zero heat and getting warmer towards the top. Good fresh flavour, with a hint of apple. They have a nice crunch. 

They ripen from the bottom up and in the picture you can se the top has some green still with yellow orange and red hues. The pepper is placed in a teaspoon for scale.

The bought plants are all registered as F1 so seed saving is not an option with these. I am in the process of conforming if the seed is also F1 or not. Seed saving may be an option, but the 2 I have had have had no seeds in them, which may indicate it being F1. Either way seed sharing is not an option due to the trade mark. 

For a small garden or where looks are important, then this Pepper is a great option. My thoughts for this would be an edibles rockery with these high up in the driest part! 


Ponky Pepper TM Spicey Jane.