Popping In Quickly


Date:22 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Flowers

I'm still here! Unfortunely my Grandad passed away (also a blessing that he's no longer suffering), so I haven't had much time in the garden these past few days as I had been spending time with him and extended family. 

Last weekend after giving this space a good weed, I bought a fern and some pansy's to fill in a few spots. Part of this garden doesn't get much sun as the carport blocks it out so not everything does well in here.

The sweet peas got a trellis added to climb up, can't wait for them to flower. I didn't grow any sweet peas last year, so I'm excited for these! 

I'm looking forward to reading all your blogs once I catch my breath and hopefully I'll get the chance to get in my garden tomorrow. 

Popping In Quickly