Pottering Around

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:27 Sep 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

With hubby still working, and school holidays upon us, the kids and I have been pottering around a bit at home. We do have a few day trips planned, but for the most part,  we are home based. I will admit they have hit that age where they'd much rather be on their chrome book with their friends, than with their mother while at home. In order to avoid that, we have a cap on their device time. If they want more, they have to earn it (again capped). They are also encourage to 'bank their time' and use it for movies/or similar. So instead of children glued to devices whilst at home, so far I've had them join me in the garden; both of them help with cleaning and washing; had coffee made for me; both have helped with baking and dinners. With this additional help, I've had a bit more time to potter. It's also been nice doing things with them. 

Yesterday my youngest helped me tackle the weeding of the driveway. We live down a ROW which has bromeliads and succulents covering most of the area. While I'd like to plant it with flowers, it gets very dry in summer, even with mulch, and is difficult to water. This is the best solution.

While they have been doing their thing, I've managed to sort out the chicken coop (manure straight into compost). While we were able to apply our rabbits droppings and straw straight into the garden as a cold compost, the chicken manure is hot manure and can burn the roots. Sometimes we have used it to line the strawberries when we redo them. Otherwise it's into the compost like today. Tomorrow I plan to check on the worms farm, and give the compost a bit of a turn.

Yesterdsy, I got a few flowers in. These are mainly to edge the dahlia bed, or to fill the gaps. I still have a few more to put in around the fruit trees and in a few pots. Before the rain yesterday, I also side dressed the last of the winter crops with sheep pellets, and gave the kumara, strawberries, onions, asparagus and flowers a side dressing of Yates Dynamic Lifter. I like to do this if I know rain is coming as opposed to liquid feeds. 

Today I sowed the luffah that I was meant to do a week ago. I find it is best to soak seeds first (I often put them in a container in the hot water cupboard until they sprout).  While I was at it, I also grabbed the random luffahs I found in carshed. After I have peeled/removed seeds, I soak them in a bleach solution. I also grabbed our used luffah and did the same (a soak/clean).  We have been growing luffah on and off for a number of years. I turn the luffah into soaps, or cut longer sections and use in bathroom. This year I have plans to cut and iron and sew a backing on. 

Looking at the seedlings in the mini greenhouse, the next job for Mr 13 might be to drill some hole in the new blue containers to start posting up a few seedlings.




Pottering Around