Preparing to Go Away


Date:28 Nov 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables

We're off later today to farewell and celebrate Grandads life, although we're back on Friday I still needed to make sure everythings going to be ok in the garden. 

Luckily it's been raining off and on for days now so I didn't need to water anything outside, just the tunnelhouses. With the inconsistent weather, it's too soon to set the timer on my irrigation system, so I've given the tunnelhouses a good deep water, as its been a couple of days since they've been watered. I still have some seedlings in pots that I'm a little concerned about in my absence, but they've had a good butt chug (soak in a tub of water). Most of those are in their final stages of hardening off, so I've left them in a shady spot outside so they don't dry out as fast, plus it's drizzling off and on right now and not meant to be too warm while we're away, hopefully they'll be OK.

Everything is growing so fast at the moment, so I've made sure all my tomatoes, cucumbers and beans are well supported, and took off all the laterals on my tomatoes. While I was doing that I noticed my first cucumber baby! 

And finally, I ate some strawberries and thought of my Grandad, they were his favourite! We used to sneak out into their garden as children and have a feast, not once did Grandad complain we ate them all on him. 

Preparing to Go Away