Prepping Gardens

Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:05 Oct 2023

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers, Recipes

Although a wee bit windier than yesterday, we have been blessed with another beautiful day in northland. I dont mind the wind too much at the moment as it is gentle, and will help dry things out further. 

With the kids dictating the morning slightly by deciding to do school work, and swimming lessons later today, I am unlikely to get to the potting up until tomorrow as I still need to purchase more potting mix. If I'm lucky, I might be able to grab some on the way to swimming. All that aside,  I have managed to knock a couple more jobs on the head, with the boys helping when they weren't doing school work.

More worm wee was collected, and the broadbeans in one area were picked and pulled out with the help of Connor. This area is ready to be prepped for the tomatoes. Once that is done, we will move the grow frame across from last year's bed. Currently, this on the bed where onions are. A few stalks from the Romanesco cauli were pulled out as well. This area will be prepped for a few jalapeños and capsicums. I will have a second area down the back gardens for more tomatoes, peppers and chillies.

Zac also asked to make some more pesto today. Connor and I fiddled with a recipe the other day using almonds and parsley that met Zac's approval (he loves pesto). Last year, I moved our pasley to some pots at the back and they are doing really well in the new location  so we were looking at ways of using them up. With no basil for a few months, we thought this was the perfect solution. But Connor also made some hummus completely independently (even taste testing and adjusting seasonings on his own).  He is now keen to start experimenting and wants to add corrot next. As long as having a supply for their snacks in the fridge, we freeze both of these in icecubes trays and then bag them. These get used in school lunches through the term (the pesto we sometimes put on toast and grill).

With a bit of time to kill before swimming, and while the kids are occupied doing their own thing, I think I might start sorting my dahlia tubers. 

Prepping Gardens